Rough Patch Twisted Fate The Movie

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Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate The Movie


Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate The Movie

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Based on the Novel 



Rough Patch~ Twisted Fate the Movie, a compelling story of two people living different lives but yet having the same experience, HOMELESSNESS and their estrange encounters when they move into a extended stay hotel. 

Frances who lives homeless as a teenager discovers she could change her environment and begins to be a powerful example to others as they see her rebuild her life. But unexpected events and circumstances throw her a curve ball that leaves her questioning her life and facing the hopeless disconnect to her family. 

Dell a successful businessman is strike by identity theft that leaves him suffering in his finances, that left him no other choice but to live homeless, until he finds his way to the same hotel as Frances who helps him rebuild his confidence to fight back and restore his life. However, as he discovers the culprit who stole his identity, he finds himself face to face with a couple of business tycoons that gives new meaning to the price of having a debt. It's a world wind of unexpected encounters that will leave you breathless with every heartbeat